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Today is 7 August 2022 22:46. On meta.wikimedia.org there is 35,755,473 of us! (And we are not done yet!).

Hi, my name is Maciej (he/him). I live and study in Warsaw, Poland. If you would like more information, visit my Polish Wikipedia site. Please contact me on my discussion page.

I am a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team since 2019 and a Global renamer and Global rollbacker since 2020. You may ask me for help on my talk page.

Useful links:

If you see this statement on my user page, it probably means that on this wiki, I am probably performing my Small Wiki Monitoring Team duties. Cheers!

Real life

This user has never been further (on solid ground, that is...)
As08-16-2593.jpg north Russia Coordinates: 58.167849°, 56.352115°
south Panama Coordinates: 8.908577°, -79.520178°
west USA Coordinates: 47.242623°, -124.218071°
east Russia Coordinates: 53.270054°, 107.527956°
... and higher than on my way Omalo at 3124 m.
... and faster than 310Km/h (yes, on solid ground, once again)
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