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Benvenuto[cancia la surgenti]

  • Ciao Paul. Benvenuto su Wikipedia in lingua siciliana! Grazie per registrarsi su scn-wiki. Saluti cordiali. --Sarvaturi 18:04, 1 Marzu 2007 (UTC)

  • Hi Paul. Welcome to Wikipedia in the Sicilian language! Thank you for creating an account on scn-wiki. Best regards. --Sarvaturi 18:04, 1 Marzu 2007 (UTC)
Hi Paul - thanks for your assistance - there's an absolute stack of stuff that along the lines that you are doing that only requires a good idea of wikipedia generally - so you are certainly always welcome to look for such inconsistencies within related articles and to tidy up generally. πίππύ δ'Ω∑ - (waarom? jus'b'coz!) 01:37, 3 Marzu 2007 (UTC)

Elections[cancia la surgenti]

Ciao Paul. Le informo che ci sono elezioni in corso (per un nuovo administrator e per un nuovo bureaucrat). Lei è invitato a votare. Saluti cordiali. --Sarvaturi 13:15, 11 Marzu 2007 (UTC)

Answers[cancia la surgenti]

Hello Paul. We thank you for your messages. The Sicilian-Australian user Pippu d'Angelo will answer you soon. And thank you for contributing to the Sicilian Wikipedia: Lingua gallisa. :-) Best regards. --Sarvaturi 21:32, 24 Aprili 2007 (UTC)

Hi Paul - the article does distinguish between the terms Great Britain and the UK, but it does add that many use both terms indiscriminately (even if incorrectly), which I think is fair enough. Cheers. πίππύ δ'Ω∑ - (waarom? jus'b'coz!) 22:37, 24 Aprili 2007 (UTC)

Queen Albums[cancia la surgenti]

Thanks for correcting me on the queen albums years. I took the information on a CD which was re-edited in 1999.--Sergix 16:49, 8 Maiu 2007 (UTC)

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