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Sunetti di William Shakespeare

Caro Pippo, you should stick to the original wording of the Sicilian text as Renzo Porcelli (and he does not spell himself "Renzu") has written it - and not change the spelling according to your personal likes and dislikes.

Thank you for the feedback. In fairness, regarding Renzo's name, my personal preference is to write names as they are published (unless there is evidence to a more "Sicilian" use), but on this occasion I have followed the policy of the Sicilian wikipedia that as far as is practicable we sicilianize all Italian names. In relation to the orthography used, where we are showing a passage from an original Sicilian text, i.e. the text having been written originally in Sicilian rather than having been transcribed, we will generally show that text as is. In this instance, this is a translation of an original English text, and while I have tried to remain true to Renzo's rendering, in some instances I have felt it reasonable to follow our own style manual, e.g. ntâ rather than nt'â - that is not just pursuant to my personal taste, that is in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Sicilian Wikipedia (agreed amongst all of its contributors from time to time like all wikipedia projects). That I would change, say, nt'â to ntâ in no way detracts from Renzo's translation, which I have referenced. In closing, I should emphasise that if you do refer to our style manual (Wikipedia:Cumpenniu Stilìsticu), you will note that we refer to Renzo's translation of Shakespeare's sonnets as a good example of "standard Sicilian" (or "written Sicilian" or "unified Sicilian"), in doing so, encouraging others to refer to this work. In other words, the evidence within the Sicilian Wikipedia is that we have treated Renzo and his work with the absolute highest regard. Salutamu! πιππίνυ δ - (zoccu stai dicennu?!) 02:18, 20 mar 2008 (UTC)