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Italian Cultural Studies

It was only by hailing a passer-by and telling him my genealogy (“Sugnu u figghiu i Melina ‘i Mastru Peppinu ‘i Cola”) that I could find my grandfather’s house. It was literally 30 metres away. So here I went: “Sugnu u maritu d’a nipute d’u avvocatu Franco Guidace.” Cecè confirmed with a scintillating flourish of his swiftly clicking scissors. But another old man, shrugging one of his shoulders as it to say, “we all know that”, insisted. ‘But where are YOU from ?’ This time all my defences crumbled and I replied in uncertain tones, betraying my foreign/Australian accent, my accustomed speaking in Italian and legions of other traits and characteristics. I was a mere innocent standing naked before these men of the world. (As my Grandad once said to me; “Gerardu, sii jancu”). “I miei genitori sono emigrati in Australia ‘i Scidu..eu..eu nasciia ‘ddà”…” I trailed off…I had been casting about for some way to explain the whole of my life history with at least a semblance of logic. Perceptively, the first elder who had spoken put an end to my discomfort. He cut my garbled tale short in ‘benestarese’not quite the ‘sciditano’ I had grown up with: “sempi uno ‘i nui siti’. An epiphany had alighted on the rain polished streets.


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