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Avemu la catiguria [[Category:Catalunia]] , e avemu sta vuci Catalugna. La forma siciliana megghiu quali è? πίππύ δ'Ω∑ - (waarom? jus'b'coz!) 07:40, 27 Uttùviru 2006 (UTC)

Ciau Pippu, difattu si scrivi:

  • "Catalogna" 'n talianu
  • "Catalogne" 'n francisi
  • "Cataluña" 'n spagnolu
  • "Catalunha" 'n purtuchisi
  • "Catalonha" 'n occitanu

Ma li catalani scrìvinu "Catalunya".

Mi pari megghiu scrìviri "Catalugna".

Salutamu! Turi

Sugnu daccordu cu Turi: avìssimu a canciari la catiguría di "Catalunia" a "Catalugna". --Giusi 10:24, 27 Uttùviru 2006 (UTC)

ok - cci putiti cunziddirari già fattu! πίππύ δ'Ω∑ - (waarom? jus'b'coz!) 10:54, 27 Uttùviru 2006 (UTC)

Catalan or Valencian

The respect to the culture and the opinion of a community is the base of all knowledge. An encyclopedia and any person who boasts to defend the culture must fight by this.

Over any discussion with innumerable reasons it is the objective truth, and in this case it is that the Valencians never have felt nor feel Catalan. Any attempt to impose the opposite will be incorrect. Any attempt to put to the Valencians in a community (linguistic, cultural or political) under denomination of "Catalan" it will mean the elimination of a people and a culture. The Valencians have their own history as kingdom of Valencia (before the conquest of Jaume I already the Kingdom of Valencia even existed), its own Literature (innumerable examples, to only mention some: Ausias March and Joanot Martorell), its own traditions (that are not those of Catalonia), Its own culture (in all the scopes, that she is not Catalan), its own control systems (they are not a province of Catalonia and it has never formed part of no organization or Catalan nation) and its own language (of origin different from the Catalan language –provençal- with category of official language and the conscience of its speakers to speak "Valencian", independently of which it is looked like the Catalan).

If the Valencians never have tried to absorve the culture of Catalonia, nor to distort the history of Catalonia, nor, really to eliminate Catalonia like independent reality of Valencia, why the Catalans yes do all this, and they do not respect the Valencians?

  • Hello liar, you are wrong, Valencian is a southern dialect of Catalan language. They are only 90-100 words wich are different but the major part of the Valencian lexic is Catalan lexic. Valencian language exists politically, but not linguistically. And I must say that culturally the Valencian people are more like Catalan people than like Castillan people. Regards. --Sarvaturi 04:18, 27 utt 2007 (UTC)

I have asked for respect to our people and you begin your intervention with an insult. I see that you have no deep knowledges about this question, and you have said only some tipical nationalist arguments. This is not place to explain such a complex question, but I'll say some basical ideas:

Catalan and Valencian languages have got a common origin, but along the history they have developped different characteristics (the valencian spoken by the people, I mean); so, or you think that they are different languages (this opinion has existed for a lot of centuries, already in the XVI-th century Juan Valdés writes that Catalan and Valencian are different languages), or you think that they are variants of the same language, a language spoken by Catalan and Valencian peoples (then, the name given by the best prestigious linguists is "Catalan-Valencian-Balearic language", for example by Ethnologue, because is the language spoken by Catalonians and Valencians).

But actually the linguistic question is not the most important. The fact is that Valencia has got its own history (it was a Kingdom along the History), its own culture (art, traditions, etc. are different from the catalan ones), and, of course, Valencian people is not "more like Catalan people than like Castillian people", there are not anti-spanish political ideas, we think that our language, history and culture is an important part of Spanish culture.

We are not so nationalist, for this reason you, abroad, do not know our singularities, history or political ideas. But in the future evrebody will respect us. We only want respect and peace.

  • Oye valenciano presumido, si crees que sabes más que los lenguistas actuales, entonces no sirve para nada discutir con nosotros (aquí no es un forum sobre el dialecto valenciano), y no te he insultado, dijiste una mentira, pués ahora te considero como una persona mentirosa. Por favor, no me hables de la historia del Reino Valenciano, eso no me interesa para nada. Yo sólo te hablé del valenciano: el valenciano actual es un dialecto meridional del catalán actual. Decir lo contrario es una mentira. Y además, he tenido varios amigos valencianos y todos me han dicho que el valenciano, aparte un centenar de palabras, es igual al catalán. Saludos. Vete ya y no vuelvas. Gracias. --Sarvaturi 19:01, 27 utt 2007 (UTC)