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Dâ Wikipedia, la nciclupidìa lìbbira.
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Chiè ca fa stu botti?[cancia la surgenti]

Stu botti parissi junciri cullicamenti a l'autri articuli e a l'autri caticurìi wikipedia nta l'autri lincui.
Ccà ci sunu na puocu r'isempi.
Maurice Carbonaro (msg) 09:56, 4 Maiu 2010 (CEST)

Sorry I do not understand. Could you explain it again please and lead a diff link to the problem if any. -Xqt (msg) 09:44, 6 Maiu 2010 (CEST)

Welcome to the sicilian wikipedia[cancia la surgenti]

Let's kiss hands and welcome the sicilian wikipedia.
Sorry but I just wrote that I thought you were a bot and was explaining to the users in sicilian language what seems like this bot does which looks like adding links to other terms and categories in different languages.
If you are a human or a jabberwacky it will be interesting to have you joining the discussion we are having in the sicilian language entry for Big Bang where we are considering the original interpretation that the german language gives with urknall.
Thanks for your attention.
Yours faithfully.
Maurice Carbonaro (msg) 09:50, 6 Maiu 2010 (CEST)

Hi Maurice, I am pretty sure to be human but is there a way to test that? ;)
However I am member of the pywikipedia bot developing team, working on a lot of projects and I have all of my and bots talk page on a special watch list. This led me here. Unfortunately I do not speak sicilian.
The main taks of my bot is maintaining interwiki links with m:cosmetic_changes.py enabled and solves double redirect. You may give this hint on my bots page. Best regards -Xqt (msg) 14:09, 6 Maiu 2010 (CEST)