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It's scientifically demostrated in the other wikipedias that the contributors are stimulated to edit more if they think that there are more activity in the web portal. For this reason the Wikipedias in minorities languages use to begin by the calendar and the years. If you create the template for all the 2000 years an 366 days the people will contribute more here.

Wikimedia Collaboration[cancia la surgenti]

A new attempt to get the Wikimedia community to collaborate on multi-lingual tasks is the Wikimedia Collaboration of the Week. Please see the page on meta for details. It would be great if you could translate the following and add it to Porta dâ Cumunità. The text below is from en:Template:Wm-cotw and will be updated every week. Thanks. Angela 20:05, 3 Apr 2005 (UTC)

The Wikimedia Collaboration of the Week is an attempt to get the Wikimedia community to join forces in tackling problems that affect all our projects. The current COTW is to create a standard multilingual manual for the MediaWiki software. The help pages should be linked from Help:Contents on Meta, our Wikimedia-wide coordination wiki. Please see the instructions for this COTW and help to make it happen!


arrichista ajutu ppi Saurischia[cancia la surgenti]

sarvi a tutti, chiedu nu ajutu ppi travagghiari ntâ la pàggina di Saurischia ppi cumplitari chista lista. quarcunu di vui è dispunibbili?? --SurdusVII (msg) 18:19, 23 Au 2013 (CEST)